Albums of the Week


If you are into orchestrations and movie scores, this is an incredible choice. There is an exciting arrangement between western and middle eastern instrumentals. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I plan to just to hear the score in action.


Everyone is making a big deal about this “change” Taylor Swift has made with her music. I definitely see the change, but it isn’t as big as people may say. In Red, Taylor was already introducing more pop-based rhythms. Only this time, the album category has changed from country to pop, which I’m happy over. Taylor left the country genre a long time ago! It’s time for her to win the pop awards and leave the CMAs for Underwood and Lady Antebellum. Although only one song has been released (“Shake It Off”), I have no doubt this album will be a hit! I have supported Taylor from the start and it’s truly incredible to witness her journey in music, evolving successfully and keeping her humble and genuine heart at the same time. “Shake It Off” is already #1 on iTunes! There’s a reason for that.. it’s so catchy, with a great message!

Dream Steps

I begin my student orientation for college, repeat college, in three days. My journey to becoming an official New Yorker begins! Long Island is practically.. well, another island. I’m looking forward to pushing myself out of bed every and traveling to the great Big Apple. LIRR, meet Desiree. Desiree, meet LIRR.

I know what to expect from the city, but I’m not sure what to expect from the Fashion Institute of Technology. All those campus tours, open houses, and googling eventually made me decide that this was the school of my dreams. Now that this dream is coming true, I would be lying if I said I felt completely confident. Like any creative person, I see everyone’s talent, but mine. It lowers so much that at times, I feel like there would come a time where a future professor questions my college acceptance. Overdramatic much, Desiree? 

I am both nervous and excited. I am ready to indulge myself in full creativity, I am ready to surround myself in inspiration, and I am ready to open my mind to design. Design Layout, Typography.. two of the many courses I will be taking to obtain my first degree - and I can’t wait. The nerves kick in again when I read the many syllabuses my professors have already emailed me. One particular word continues to stand out and question my confidence: presentation. I will be presenting my work in almost every class I take. Anyone could understand that a designer must present his or her work to the firm- or in this case, classroom. I’m both excited and terrified to step out of my comfort zone. When I think about these nerves, I recall a minimalist graphic I saw the other day. The best ideas, creativity, and inspiration come from the mystery world outsideof our comfort zones. 

I wonder what college will make of me. Will I slack off? Will I keep up with my work? Will I fail? Will I find it extremely easy? Will I fall asleep on the train and lose my Macbook? I’m being overdramatic again. As scared as I may be, I’m not turning back and I’m not changing my mind. I have so many dreams, yet I have not taken any step towards achieving them- I will now. Here’s to the future.